Excessive heat due to fast filling can damage a composite pressure vessel!

Rapidly filling a paintball cylinder results in heating of the gas (air/nitrogen) and the cylinder. If filled too fast, this heat can become excessive resulting in damage to the cylinder. Such damage can lead to failure of the cylinder, potential property damage and personal injury or death. Care must be taken to fill the cylinder at a rate so the cylinder temperature does not become too hot to hold in your bare hand (140°F or above).

Prior to each filling, the cylinder should be examined for signs of damage, including heat/flame exposure. Also check to insure the cylinder is within its hydrostatic test service life (3 years for fiberglass cylinders, 5 years for DOT carbon cylinders, and 3 years for TC carbon cylinders). If the cylinder is beyond its test service life or any damage is observed, do not fill the cylinder. Take the suspect cylinder to a DOT or TC authorized hydrostatic tester for inspection and pressure testing. Locate the retester facility nearest you.

Never fill a cylinder beyond its rated service pressure.

Any questions concerning the safe filling or use of these composite cylinders should be directed to Carleton Technologies Inc, Pressure Technology Division. Phone 410-760-9856.


DOT: US Department of Transportation, regulatory agency for US users.

TC: Transport Canada, regulatory agency for Canadian users.