How often do I need to have my tank hydrostatically tested?

Federal law requires that E-11194 carbon fiber CFFC cylinders manufactured or retested after July 1, 2001 must be
retested every 5 years!

Anyone testing a PTD E-11194 carbon cylinder must have a copy of the exemption, and have a valid US-DOT retest identification number "RIN".
Technical Bulletin, 06/25/01
Bulletin requires Acrobat Reader 4.0 for viewing.

E-11194 Carbon filament "CFFC" cylinders:
• Manufactured or tested after July 1, 2001 must be reinspected and hydrostatically retested at least once every 5 years. If the retest was done prior to July 1st, the next retest must be done within 36 months. All subsequent retests must then be done every 5 years.
• Have a maximum service life of 15 years from the month of manufacture. DOT may, in the future, extend the service life of these cylinders.
• Are tested at 5/3 times the marked service pressure and held at test pressure for a minimum of 60 seconds.
• Are rejected if the rejection elastic expansion "REE" that is marked on the label is exceeded.
• May only be retested two times (EQUIPMENT FAILURE CAUSE ONLY) at a maximum of 200 psi over the original test pressure, to avoid damage.
• Must have the test date marked by the label and epoxy covered.


The Department of Transportation has recently granted Carleton PTD an extension on re-test for CFFC cylinders!
All Carleton carbon fiber composite (CFFC) cylinders may now be tested every 5 years from the date of manufacture per DOT exemption E-11194 (6th revision) if they have been manufactured or retested after July 1st, 2001. Cylinders included in this extension will have the words US DOT CFFC on the bottom of the label. This extension applies only to CFFC cylinders purchased and used in the US. The 3-year period still applies to Transport Canada regulated cylinders.