AireTex Compressors

AireTex V45 Models

The New AireTex 45 is designed and assembled in America to be the best portable compressor made. It runs cool and quiet at only 1100 RPM. It is designed with durability in mind and uses only the best materials and components, including Stainless Steel cooling coils and composite rings on final stage, large dual stage water separator, and very large purifier. The purifier is good for an actual 50 hours of running time and we have an optional larger purifier good for over 100 hours of running time.

  Bauer JRII-E
AireTex V45

Specifications and Standard Features
- AireTex V45-

Dimensions: 30.5” L x 13.5” W x 18” H

  • 340 BAR/5000 PSI
  • 3.7 CFM (4.6 **SCFM)
  • Three Cylinder, Three Stage Compressor

(Gas Model also available)



AireTex W32 Models

The W32 Enclosed Canopy model is one of the quietest, most durable compressors in its class. This model is perfect for fire departments and dive shops. Rated for continuous duty at 8.4 CFM 5000 PSI service. Available with AireTex Exclusive Touch Screen.

  Bauer Oceanus-E
AireTex W32

Specifications and Standard Features
- AireTex W32-

Weight: 826 - 858 lbs.

  • 340 BAR/5000 PSI
  • 6 CFM (8.7**SCFM) or 8.6 CFM (12.1**SCFM)
  • 5 HP Motor or 7.5 HP Motor
  • Three Stage Compressor
  • Low Speed Operation
  • Pressure Gages on all Stages


AireTex W32 Mariner Models

AireTex W32 Mariner is a 5000 PSI compressor rated at 8.4 CFM actual (12.1**SCFM). Portable and durable like all AireTex compressors, this is very quiet and powerful. Optional Auto-Drains and Pressure switch on the electric models. The W32 Mariner is available with gas Entec power or electric for the same low price (Honda power optional). Air Quality meets and exceeds CGA G7.1 Grade E and NFPA 1500 requirements.

  Bauer Mini Verticus
AireTex W32 Mariner (Electric)

Specifications and Standard Features
- AireTex W32 Mariner -

Weight: 382 - 390 lbs.

  • 310 BAR/5000 PSI
  • 6 CFM or 8CFM
  • 5 HP or 7.5 HP Electric Motor
  • Three Stage Compressor
  • On/Off Switch and Hour Meter
  • Low Speeds and Heavy Construction for Long Life

(Gas Model also available)



AireTex W4 Models

  Bauer Maxi Verticus
AireTex W4

Specifications and Standard Features
- AireTex W4 -

  • 408 BAR/6000 PSI
  • 4 - 21.5 SCFM Free Air Delivery
  • 13.1 CFM to 22.2 CFM
    • 13.1 CFM with 10 Hp Single or Three Phase
    • 18.6 CFM with 15 Hp Three Phase
    • 22.2 CFM with 20 Hp Three Phase power.
  • 4 Stage Compressor
  • High Pressure Breathing Air Compressor
  • 10hp motor (single or 3 phase)
  • Standard PLC Control System
  • Low RPM for Quiet, Long Life

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